Jeska (ibejeska) wrote in pic_commune,

New layout

The vote was cast and the new layout is now up.
Thank you guys so much for participating in out poll. If you liked this idea, let us know, and we'll remember that in the future.
Also, thank you to those who pointed out to me the fact that the text was difficult to see for some of you. I plan on fixing that before I post the codes for people to use for their own personal use.
If you;re interested in using any of the layouts that didn't make the cut, just tell me.
Once again, thanks guys for telling us what you think.
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OOh, I like that. Nice
I can't read the entry text and the text on the top left below the header because it's too dark. But I guess I need to change my PC settings because some pics on this PC look weird while they look perfectly fine at home.

I'd love to get the codes for the second layout, I don't remember its name but it was the second option from top, a blue header I guess...

Thanks for your hard work! It's good to get some layout changes on communities once in a while. :-)
Weird... it looks perfectly fine now. But I guess you've just changed some settings while I was typing this comment^^^...
It looks REALLY nice!!!
Love it so much! *thumbs up*
Looks sooo good!!!
great new layout :)
at russian analog of rapidshare