April 19th, 2006


NEW Layout, please read and vote

Okay people, now's the time for you to get together and tell Rachel and Myself what YOU prefer layout-wise for this community.
I have made five new X-men layouts for the comm for you guys to vote on, and the one that recieves the most votes, will [obviously] become the community's new layout.
If you guys like these enough, the ones that DON'T make the cut will be made into personal layouts for people to use in their own journals [so they don't go to waste]...
So with that said, vote away:

[NOTE: if the text in any of these layouts is unreadble, I will tend to it before posting the layout finally, so please do not vote according to that factor. These layouts were hastily put together to provide you guys with a choice. When the choice is MADE, however, I will go back, and clean them up. I am sorry for you guys who can't see them very well. I appreciate very much, those of you who have pointed this out to me. With that said...]

[Final Results:]

Poll #713239 Pic_Commune Layout Poll:

Phoenix: 25 (32.5%)
Logan Version 01: 19 (24.7%)
Logan Version 02: 16 (20.8%)
Storm Version 01: 11 (14.3%)
Storm Version 02: 6 (7.8%)

Thanks guys